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Advanced Forms

 Forms are an interactive data collection tool that can be used in many inventive ways in the classroom. Besides using forms for quizzes, you can use them for call logs, and even for assignment collection. 

Assignment collection

If you are using Google Docs for assignments, have your students set their sharing permissions to "Anyone with the link can comment (or edit)" and create a short Turn in form like the one pictured to the right. 

When students submit the link to their assignments, the information will be collected in the connected spreadsheet, allowing for easy sorting, access, and grading. 

Choose Your Own Adventure with Google Forms

Choose Your Own Adventure with Forms

Who doesn't remember the Choose Your Own Adventure stories they read as a kid?  "If you want to go through the red door, flip to page 28.  If you choose the blue door, flip to page 42". Now Google Forms make it easy to create these stories online. 

Watch this presentation to see how 13 year-olds have imagined an altered the course of history through the adventures of Hernan Cortes and the Aztecs.  See how easy it would be for you to implement these types of stories in your own classroom.

More Interesting Ways to Use Google Forms

This presentation has some creative ways to incorporate Google Forms into instruction:

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How is DPS doing?

The DPS Google Support Site with further integration ideas and resources can be found here.