The "Beginner" training tab found at the top of this page links to individual pages that present an introduction of how to use basic Google tools (Google Drive, Docs, Gmail, Presentations and Spreadsheets).   Feel free to take the "Google Self Assessment" (Icon linked below) to gauge your current Google Apps skills.  This will inform whether or not you need to learn from the content on the Beginner level content pages.

Within these Beginner-level training pages you will learn how to get started with:

        • Your Google "file cabinet"
        • How to store and organize your files

        Google Docs
        • Your word processing app
        • Create and compose documents
        • Share, collaborate and print

        • Understand your inbox
        • Compose messages
        • Organize and search your emails

        • Create presentations
        • Edit
        • Share

        • Create spreadsheets
        • Share
        • Editing features

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