Google Sites


Google Sites are a great way to create a web presence for yourself, your groups, and your students. You can use Google sites to set up a class web page for yourself or portfolio pages for students. You can set up collaborative projects in the class, or use a site to showcase your professional development. Google Sites are free, professional-looking, and robust once you get the hang of them. 
Lets get started. 

First Steps: Creating a site

Creating a Google Site

This  Google Sites video will help you get started. From the first click to the first edit, you can set up and name your new site once you've watched this video. 

Templates for your site

Create Site using a Template

You can make your site look more professional by using one of the templates Google has to offer. 

View this Google Sites video to learn more about how to create as site using a template.

Adding pages to your site

Adding Pages _ Editing Site Navigation

Once you've set up your home page, you need to add content and pages. 

View this Google Sites video  to learn more about adding pages to your Google Site.

Editing Pages

Editing Pages in Your Site

Once you've added new pages, you will want to edit them. 

View this Google Sites video  to learn more about editing pages on your site.

Manage your site

Manage Site Menu - Google Sites

Okay, you have created a site, added pages, and edited those pages so your site is more dynamic and interesting. Now it's time to see things from the mangement point of view. 

View the Google Sites video below to learn more about managing your Google Site, meaning organizing pages, adding a description to your site, changing your template, and more. 

Google Sites - Edit Site Layout

Edit the Site Layout

Did you want to change the side menu to horizontal tabs at the top of your page? How about a custom header and footer? How about a drop down menu for your pages? View the Google Sites video below to learn more about the editing the site layout.

Creating Individual Sites for your students

Individual Sites for Students

The DPS Google domain does not give students permission to create their own Google sites for class projects. 

It does, however, allow you to create sites for classroom use. This presentation shows the steps for creating individual Google sites for your students to use for their own individual projects like academic portfolios. 

"Moving" a Google site

If you have a Google site that you made in a personal Google account and want to "move" it to your DPS Google account, you only need to share it with your DPS Google account and choose "Is Owner" under the sharing options.  That way you have full control over the site from both your personal and your DPS Google accounts.  The site doesn't actually "move". This process gives your DPS account full control of this site.

How is DPS doing?

The DPS Google Support Site with further integration ideas and resources can be found here.

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