Intermediate Drive

Google Drive

This page provides further training on the use of Drive features including how to migrate essential Google Docs from a personal Google account to your DPS Google account. Also, the installation and use of third-party Drive-enabled apps is explained.

NOTE:  Google does NOT allow you to share ownership of documents with Google accounts in other domains ( documents cannot be owned by accounts).  Check out your 2 options for exporting your google data via this document!

Transferring or Exporting Your Google Docs

In our Google domain, all new Google documents you create are owned by your District account and are easily shared with other DPS staff and students.  Please make sure you are logged in to your DPS Google account when creating or working on school-related items.

If you have schoolwork-related documents in your personal Google account you may want to migrate them to your DPS Google account.  These may include documents that could violate the FERPA guidelines by containing identifying student information or documents that should remain in the District in the event that a teacher leaves the district.

If you have Google documents or other content from your DPS Google account that you decide are necessary to transfer or export to a personal Google account please follow the steps outlined below.

1. Sign in to your DPS Google account and then visit Google Takeout.

2. Choose to Transfer your Docs and Gmail or Export (Download) all of your Google content.


Transferring Your Google Docs and Mail

1. Enter a destination account. This needs to be an account that belongs to you.

2. Click the 'SEND CODE' button.

3. Sign in to the account to which you are transferring your Docs or Mail.

4. Enter the code to verify the destination account belongs to you.

5. Choose which products you wish to transfer.

6.Click the 'START TRANSFER' button.

Export (Download) Your Google Content

1. Select the types of content you wish to export.

2. Click the 'Next' button at the bottom of the list.


3. Review the settings for the export. The default ones work well, but you may need to adjust the 'Archive size (max)' if you have a large amount of content to export.

4. Click on the 'Create archive' button below the archive options.

5. You will receive an email when the archive is ready with a link to download.

Installing and Using Additional Drive-Enabled Apps

Install and Use Apps from the Create Menu

You can install additional apps that are accessed from the Create Menu that provide increased and specialized functionality.

This Google Gooru video will explain how to find, install and access other apps in your drive.

Additional Videos and Support

Google Docs:  Which Student/Teacher Workflow Works for You?

How is DPS doing?

The DPS Google Support Site with further integration ideas and resources can be found here.