Migration Scenario 1

The following directions apply to users who want to transfer personal Google Drive documents that are NOT SHARED with other users to their dpsk12.net Google account.

The image below shows a sample list of documents in a personal Google drive.

Under the "OWNER" column all the documents show "me" meaning I created (or made a personal copy of) those documents.

Two of the documents display the word "Shared" after the title of the document indicating that I have shared these documents with other Google users.  
These directions do not apply to these "Shared" documents.  Follow the steps in Migration Scenario 2 to transfer these shared documents.

This is a visual representation of the migration process detailed in the directions below:

Migration Scenario 1 diagram



1. Log into your personal Google Drive account (me@gmail.com) with your personal Google username and password

2. In your Google Drive list of documents, check the box next to the documents you want to download

3. Once you have selected your documents, click More at the top of your Drive list and choose Download... from the drop-down menu

4. You will be prompted to choose to convert your documents if desired.  It is recommended to choose the "MS Office" conversion to allow the files to transfer properly to your DPS Google Drive.  If you have stored other types of files in your Personal Google Drive (such as Promethean flipcharts) you can choose to download them "as is" without any conversion.

There is a 2GB export limit, however if you have more documents to download, you can repeat this process

5. When you have made your selection, click the blue Download button.

6. Google will compress your files into a .zip file and your browser will save the zip file to your normal downloads location on your computer.

7. You need to locate the zip file on your computer, double-click it to uncompress it and create a folder with all the downloaded documents.  The zip file and folder will be named something like "documents-export-2013-07-31" with the corresponding date of the download.


1. Log out of your personal Google account (if you haven't already) and login to your DPS Google account at googlemail.dpsk12.net 

2. Choose Drive from the gray navigation bar at the top of your window to open Google Drive
3. Click the red Upload button next to the Create button at the left and choose Folder... from the menu.
4. Browse your computer for the folder that you downloaded ("documents-export-2013-07-31").

5. Once you have located the folder you want to upload, click OK or Select

6. You may see an "Upload Settings" box with conversion options.  Choose the top checkbox: "Convert documents, presentations, spreadsheets and drawings to the corresponding Google Docs format".  Google can also try to convert text from any PDF or image files that you are uploading if you want.

7. If you are not shown the Upload Settings box, you can also choose these options using the Settings gear icon on the right side of your Google Drive screen

8. Your folder will begin uploading automatically and will appear as a new folder titled "documents-export-2013-07-31" in your Google Drive list.

9. Click on the newly uploaded folder to see the contents and ensure your documents have uploaded successfully.  If the upload didn't work or your documents were not converted as you wanted you can repeat this process and adjust your conversion settings if necessary.  The faulty upload folder can be deleted.

10. Your DPS Google Apps for Education account (@dpsk12.net) is now listed as the owner for the documents you transferred from your personal Google Drive.