Migration Scenario 2

1. In your personal Google account click on the Shared with me section of your drive. (image)

2. In the document list, check the box next to the item you want to migrate. 

3. Click on the share icon above the document list (image) NOTE: if this button is grayed out and not active this indicates that the owner of that document has not given you permission to share it with others (you only have permission to view the document).

4. The Sharing settings box will appear.  In the Invite people field enter your DPS Google account name (username@dpsk12.net) and click the Share & save button. 

5. Click the Done button.

6. Log in to your DPSK12.net Google account.

7. In your DPS Google Drive click on the Shared with me section.

8. You should now be able to see the Document you just shared with yourself.  

14. Repeat these steps with other documents in the Shared with me section of your Personal Google Drive to migrate them to your DPK12.net account.