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Google Forms

What is Google Forms?
Google Forms is a useful tool to help you plan events, send a survey, give students a quiz, or collect other information in an easy, streamlined way.  A Google form can be connected to a Google spreadsheet. If a spreadsheet is linked to the form, responses will automatically be sent to the spreadsheet. Otherwise, users can view them on the “Summary of Responses” page accessible from the Responses menu.

Getting Started with Google Forms

To see how to create your own forms, click through the slides to the right. 

Creating and sharing Google Forms

This Google Gooru video provides a brief overview of creating and sharing Google Forms. 

Collaboration with Google Forms

Adding images to your forms

This Google Gooru video will walk you through the steps of adding images to your forms. 

Google Forms with Images

Using Google Forms for grading

Watch the Google Gooru video below to see tips and tricks for using Google Forms for grading rubrics.

Tips for Teachers_ Using Google Forms for Grading Rubrics

Websites with more Form resources

For 79 other ideas, see the presentation below by Graham Attwell. Even if only 3 fit your needs, that’s 3 more tools in your tool belt.

The DPS Google Support Site with further integration ideas and resources can be found here.

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